An Atlantic City Electric Company Employees Federal Credit Union Share Draft Account is your alternative to the high checking fees and service charges at other financial institutions. Our Share Draft/Checking Account is similar to a checking account, with a big advantage:

You earn dividends on the balance in your account!

Your share draft book contains carbonless copies of every draft you write, giving you an exact record of your transactions. The credit union provides monthly statements listing each draft as it clears by number and amount for easy reconciliation. Your original drafts are not returned to you.

If you need a copy of an original canceled draft, contact the credit union with the information about the particular draft or series of drafts you need; copies will be made for you. The minimal fee for this service will be charged to your share draft account.

Discover how easy it is to manage monthly finances with our full-featured checking account.

  • NO Minimum Balance
  • Monthly Dividends Paid On the Average Daily Balance
  • Automatic Overdraft Protection Through Savings
  • Duplicate Checks
  • Unlimited Check Writing
  • Monthly Truncated Statements
  • ACE-Link Home Banking
  • MasterCard Debit Cards (No Charge)
  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Deduction
  • CALL-24 Bank By Phone

Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Managing money is easier when your net paycheck, Social Security, or pension check is automatically deposited into your Share Draft Checking or Share Savings Account with Direct Deposit. Your money is available immediately, safe, and in compliance with government regulations, whether you are on vacation, at a meeting, or sick in bed.

Direct Deposit puts your money where you want it. Simply give the routing information and your account number to your employer or the party or parties that will be transferring your funds.

With Direct Deposit:

  • Your money is available immediately. Your money is deposited in your account and is ready and waiting for you at your convenience. No more driving to the credit union or waiting in teller lines.
  • Your money is safe. You don't have to carry your check or large sums of cash around with you. It is deposited and ready for you.
  • You comply with government regulations. Federal payments are now issued by electronic funds transfer (EFT), also known as Direct Deposit. If you will be receiving veteran's benefits, Social Security, military pensions or salaries, or any other government payment, you'll need Direct Deposit. Check with the agency that issues your check to see what requirements you need to meet (there are some special circumstances that do not require Direct Deposit).

Payroll Deduction
Make loan payments automatically, make deposits to your savings accounts, build your IRA, all with Payroll Deduction.

Whether it's your Auto Loan, Home Equity Loan, Personal Loan, or any other credit union loan, paying is "painless" and easy. One Payroll Deduction Card allows you to have your payroll allocated where you want it to go. Simply give the payroll department your routing information.

Guarantee "no excuses" savings and loan payments, too!

You can budget to different savings accounts, such as taxes, tuition, vacation, insurance, etc. You can even have your credit union loans paid weekly and save on finance charges!

Simply designate the amounts of weekly or semi-monthly payments that you want deducted from your directly deposited paycheck, and your payments are made. No late charges. No running to the mailbox. No hassle.

And your IRA financial planning is easier with the automatic Payroll Deduction option at Atlantic City Electric Company Employees Federal Credit Union.

A really convenient money management team.

Combine Payroll Deduction with Direct Deposit and Share Draft/Checking.

Payroll deduction forms may be obtained from the credit union office.

Overdraft Protection

If you write a check for more than your actual balance, Atlantic City Electric Company Employees Federal Credit Union Overdraft Protection automatically transfers funds from your choice of Share Accounts for a $5.00 transfer fee.

No running to the credit union to cover that check. We have the money management protection for the way you live today.

MasterCard Debit Cards

You’ll Wonder How You Lived Without It!

Enjoy "checkless checking" with our MasterCard Debit Card. It works just like a check, except there’s no check to write. Simply present it as you would a credit card. Your purchase is automatically deducted from your Share Draft/Checking Account. Plus, there’s no interest to pay and no ID hassles. Use it wherever Accel or MasterCard is accepted.

It also works like an ATM Card, anywhere you see the ACCEL, PLUS, CIRRUS, or HONOR network symbols.  You can also use it surcharge free at any AllPoint, MoneyPass or CU24 ATM.  See our ATM finder for ATM’s near you!  Whether you use it as a Debit Card or an ATM Card, it couldn’t be more convenient! And there’s no cost to sign up for our MasterCard Debit Card. Call the credit union for details.

Want to make your financial life easier, wherever you are? Combine the convenience of our Debit Card with these convenience services:

  • Share Draft/Checking
  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Deduction
  • Call-24: Bank By Phone