An Atlantic City Electric Company Employees Federal Credit Union Share Draft Account is your alternative to the high checking fees and service charges at other financial institutions. Our Share Draft/Checking Account is similar to a checking account, with a big advantage:

You earn dividends on the balance in your account!

Your share draft book contains carbonless copies of every draft you write, giving you an exact record of your transactions. The credit union provides monthly statements listing each draft as it clears by number and amount for easy reconciliation. Your original drafts are not returned to you.

If you need a copy of an original canceled draft, contact the credit union with the information about the particular draft or series of drafts you need; copies will be made for you. The minimal fee for this service will be charged to your share draft account.

Discover how easy it is to manage monthly finances with our full-featured checking account.

  • NO Minimum Balance
  • Monthly Dividends Paid On the Average Daily Balance
  • Automatic Overdraft Protection Through Savings
  • Duplicate Checks
  • Unlimited Check Writing
  • Monthly Truncated Statements
  • ACE-Link Home Banking
  • MasterCard Debit Cards (No Charge)
  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Deduction
  • CALL-24 Bank By Phone

Overdraft Protection

If you write a check for more than your actual balance, Atlantic City Electric Company Employees Federal Credit Union Overdraft Protection automatically transfers funds from your choice of Share Accounts for a $5.00 transfer fee.

No running to the credit union to cover that check. We have the money management protection for the way you live today.